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Just as humans, dogs and cats can get joint pains. JointWell™ is a series of products that will help prevent and remedy these problems, so you and your best friend can enjoy years of movement. All JointWell™ products contain Glucosamine as the main active ingredient.

JointWell™ Chew
$22.00 - $97.99 
Is your best friend suffering from aches and pains? Try our new JointWell™, specially formulated to help dogs maintain normal joint function. The product comes as soft chews dogs love to eat.
Prices, sizes and details
JointWell™ Plus
$29.57 - $40.95 
JointWell Plus™  is a great tasting nutritious supplement designed to relieve age related discomforts. It contains all the natural key ingredients needed to keep your dog's joints healthy and feeling good.
Prices, sizes and details
JointWell™ Xtra
$33.88 - $46.92 
JointWell™ Xtra has the same basic formula as JointWell™ Plus, but is further enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid - a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient for providing relief for joint-related discomforts. This product uses a vegetarian source glucosamine, and is designed to help older animals and those with joint injuries live a happy and pain-free life.
Prices, sizes and details
JointWell™ Hypoallergenic
$31.50 - $43.65 
JointWell™ Hypoallergenic is designed for dogs with food sensitivities to minimize allergic reactions. The glucosamine comes from a vegetarian source, and all flavorings used are vegetarian.
Prices, sizes and details
JointWell™ Puppy
$17.68 - $24.48 
JointWell™ Puppy provides the key natural ingredients to support healthy joints that will stand up to future wear and tear, ensuring a long, happy, and comfortable doggie life. The product is meant for long term use, and has a cumulative effect in the body.
Prices, sizes and details




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