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For Cats
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Care & Equipment
Awning for wall or door installations of dog doors
$79.00 - $99.00 

NEW! Awnings are a great accessory for your pet door.  Keeps snow and rain away, blocks wind, and provides shade. DImensions: 23 1/4" wide by 16 5/8" deep

SPECIAL: Add an awning to your plexidor purchase and receive free shipping! Key = FSAWN11

Prices, sizes and details
PurriFul Coat™
$5.40 - $7.50 
PurriFul Coat™ for cats is a tasty, salmon flavoured treat for cats that helps limit hairball formulation by supporting a healthy skin and coat. The product contains no salt or artificial colours.
Prices, sizes and details
Deidre's OldFriend™
$17.80 - $24.63 
Older friends have special needs. Deidre's OldFriend™ is specially formulated for older dogs and cats, and contains 12 vitamins and minerals along with 18 amino acids to promote lon term health. The formula contains effective antioxidants, and Ester-C - a superior form of Vitamin C that doesn't cause acidity problems.
Prices, sizes and details

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