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Frequently Asked Questions about Dog and Cat doors

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Doors.

What is the best dog or cat door for a wall?
The best pet door for a wall is the Plexidor . There are dog doors from small to extra large dogdoors and cat door plexidors.  It is a construction grade pet door and has a good weather seal. You can put most dog or cat doors through walls. The second choice for through a wall is the Better Quality Pet Doors, pet door click Better Quality Pet Doors .

Do you have pet door for windows?
Yes. We sell the AB10 that will go through glass. You will need to have the glass in your window replaced locally. We also sell a window kit for cat size pet doors. The window kit works with the AB10 and the AB21 pet door. Click on Inexpensive Pet Doors to the left.
We do make custom window inserts with dog doors. They start at $570. Measure your window and call customer service 10:00 to 4:00 Monday - Friday.

Do you have a pet door that will let my dog out and keep the cats in?
No, we cannot guarantee this.

Do you have pet doors for patio glass doors?
Yes, click Energy Efficient Patio Panels or Patio Door Pet Doors or Better Quality Patio Panels to the left.  We have a complete selection of patio pet doors and sliding pet doors. 

Do you make custom size pet doors?
Yes. We make custom size pet doors for doors, walls, french doors and patio doors. We make all types of pet doors from cat to great dane size. Please call customer service 10:00 to 4:00 Monday - Frida or Saturday 11:00 to 1:00. Or, you can email us with your requirements and we will email you back the cost of the dog or cat door.

Do you make dog or cat doors for french doors?
Yes. Measure your visible glass then call customer service 10:00 to 4:00 Monday-Friday eastern time. Or you can email your measurements and we will email you the price. These pet doors come in a silver, white or dark brown frame.

Is it difficult to train a pet to use a pet door?
No. Using the pet door generally comes naturally to pets, and it is usually a quick and relatively easy process. Most cats and dogs learn how to use a pet door in 2 seconds to 2 weeks. Do not push the pet through the pet door! Try to coax your pet through with a treat.

Can my cat use a doggie door?
Yes, most cats will use up to a large pet door. You may need to go up in a size to keep the top of the door high enough for the dog (shoulder height) and the bottom low enough for the cat (approx. 5").

Can I paint my dog door?
Yes, just prime and paint the door.

What is the best dogdoor for a chewing lab?

The BiteGuard KennelPlex are the best large dog doors for labs.  They are guaranteed chew proof doggie doors.  Select Commercial Kennel Doors to the left.

Do you have Extra Large Dog Doors?

Yes,  The Plexidor petdoor and the BiteGuard KennelPlex dogdoor come as extra large pet doors.  These dogdoors can handle up to 220 lbs dogs.  If you need a custom extra large dog door call customer service Monday - Friday 10am to 4pm at 800-749-9609 option 3.  All extra large dog doors are available in wall dog door kits.

A doggy door keeps the dooty outside!!  And, a plexidor will keep your energy inside.  Be green and save your green.

What Customers Say

"Just want to tell you how please I am. After six years and all the abuse a big dog can give it, your door still works great, and it's still silent. I will definitely be ordering the Plexidor again when the time comes."
---Darin Hagerman, Pennsylvania

Just installed a plexidor at my sliding glass door for my big dogs. Our life has changed since.  I am glad that the research I did for the best door for my needs was successful. I am no longer the servant who opens and closes that window.  And my dogs don't need my service to close the door.

I'm very happy . 
You got a great product. Thank you.

Ro-e Yogev

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