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DIY Dog and Cat door installation instructions

Plexidor Dog Door Installation Instructions for Doors and Walls:

Please click below on the link to download the instructions.

PD Owners Manual
PD Panel Replacement
PD Spring Adjustment
PD Spring Recentering
PD Spring Replacement
Wall Kit
Weatherseal Replacement
Installation in glass
Plexidor Electronic Installations Instructions for Doors and Walls:
PDE Owners Manual
PDE Circuit Board Replacement
PDE Spring Hub Replacement

If you need further assistance with your pet door installation, please call customer service at 800-749-9609 option 3 or email

Dog doors keep the dooty outside!! Call today and stop the pickup.

What Customers Say

"I have had your Plexidor for several years now. Here is Las Vegas our summer heat exceeds 115 degrees. In the summer, your dog doors allow the entry way to remain cool and keep the dust under control."
---Michael Bialac, Nevada

If you need a pet door installer in Nevada or any other western state, please call us. We can locate an installer for you.

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