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Plexidor Electronic dog door, Large, dogs to 125 lbs. with accessories and extra key collars.   $39.00 - $1249.00

Large View

This Door Provides Security and Pet Access Control Units For Doors and Walls. Plexidor Electronic Doors allow access only to pets wearing the RFID key. This Door is raccoon proof.

Keeps dog's bladder empty & dog happy. No "Accidents" inside. Keeps Mommy happy.

How it Works: PlexiDor Electronic "reads" the key code on the RFID key and opens only for your pet. Panel unlocks and slides up like a mini garage door. The main frame has a low profile of just 1 5/8" in thickness. Door plugs into household outlet or can be hardwired.

Secure-Interior stainless steel locking bar, thousands of key codes. Opens only for your pet. Tough shatter resistant panel. Heavy, thick aluminum frames that won't bend. Won't interfere with home security systems.

Energy Efficient-No Gaps for air infiltration, saves you money.

Pet and Child Safe-Panel won't close when obstructed. Total control up and down. No pinched tails. No pinched fingers. Panel will not free fall with power failure.

Dependable-Runs on household current. Collar key is waterproof and does not need batteries. Key fastens securely to collar. Interior mounted motor will not freeze up in cold.

Durable-Steel and hardened aluminum frame with thick acrylic closing panel. Wall units include aluminum tunnel pieces and stainless steel mounting hardware for years of service. No unsightly rust streaks on your home.

Easy to Use- One button programming to add or change collar codes quickly and simply. Collar key snaps on easily and stays on. Comes complete with pet door, exterior trim, stainless steel hardware, 2 collar key pendants, and power supply with 6 ft cord. Blue nylon collar with key disc attached can be purchased separately.Blue collar with attached key

Measurements for Door Unit:

Opening           12 3/4"w x20"h

Cut Hole          14 1/4"w x 21 1/2"h

Interior Overall  17 1/8"w x 54 5/8"h

Exterior Overall  17"w x 24"h


Collar Keys are:

  • Waterproof
  • Rugged
  • Battery Free
  • Shock Proof
  • Secure - Stay On
  • Works with Underground Fencing
  • 1000s of Key Codes

ITEM #PDE KEY $39.00 each


We are taking orders now!  Call 800-749-9609 or Order online today.

  • $39.00 - $1249.00
  • Only ground and 2 day air available for this panel. Air is NOT Guarnteed.
  • This is an oversized item. Note shipping fee.
  • Available Colors: click on color to view larger swatch


    Select the model number and add to your cart:
    Plexidor Electronic dog door, Large, dogs to 125 lbs.
     SKU  Size  Color  Install Type  Item Description  Price  
    PDE DOOR LG WH LG large White Through House DoorPlexidor Electronic, keyed electronic pet door, large, white $1149.00
    PDE DOOR LG BR LG large Bronze Through House DoorPlexidor Electronic, keyed electronic pet door, large, bronze $1149.00
    PDE WALL LG WH LG large White Through WallPlexidor Electronic, keyed electronic pet door, large, white, wall kit $1249.00
    PDE WALL LG BR LG large Bronze Through WallPlexidor Electronic, keyed electronic pet door, large, bronze, wall kit $1249.00
    PDE KEY RFID no size Designer Black no installExtra key for Plexidor Electronic Pet Doors, programable to thousands of codes $39.00
    PDE Long Range KEY no size Designer Black no installFor Extra range up to 17" from Door opening. $59.00






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