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Solo Motorized Door   $395.00

Large View

This door ...

  • provides good animal access control
  • is raccoon proof
  • is NOT a security door
  • includes 1 magnetic collar key

The Solo Deluxe Motorized Electronic Door allows free access only to pets wearing the special sensor on their collar. The sensor signals the panel to open as the pet approaches the door. You can adjust distance from 0 to 5 ft. Panel slides up, stays open approx. 3 to 5 seconds for pet to go through, then closes by gravity. This is a quiet door. A buffer ensures that it descends slowly and safely, and it locks automatically. Sensor will trigger the panel only when your pet is directly facing the door. Quiet motor has on/off switch to use when you want your pet to stay in or out. Not suitable for use in laundry room due to magnetic field created by dryer when in use.

Operates on house current (6 ft. cord incl.) or can be hard wired within a wall. "Frames in" walls up to 8" thick. Mounts between 2" x 4" or 2" x 6" standard framing studs. Cut Hole size is the same as Opening size. Adapts to fit in house doors, etc., but will protrude approx. 4" and require framing. See-thru 1/8" thick bronzed Lexan panel. Bronze (dark brown) aluminum exterior frame. White textured acrylic interior trim plate (can be painted). One year warranty.

Made in U.S.A.

SENSOR: 1 included with door. Specify Cat or Dog Size.

EXTRA SENSORS: For Cat or Dog.

ITEM #SES $12.50 each







8"W x 10"H

12"W x 25"H



10"W x 12"H

14 1/2"W x 30"H



10"W x 15"H

14 1/2"W x 35"H



12"W x 18"H

16"W x 43"H



14"W x 20"H

18"W x 45"H



This is an oversize/overweight item with extra shipping costs. Call for shipping quote. (Shipping inside the USA ranges from $48.00 to $68.00)

  • $395.00
  • This is an oversized item. Note shipping fee.
  • Available Colors: click on color to view larger swatch
    Select the model number and add to your cart:
    Solo Motorized Door
     SKU  Size  Color  Install Type  Item Description  Price  
    66 SMS SM Small no color no installSmall Cat Sensor for Solo Motorized $12.50
    66 LGS LG large no color no installLarge Dog Sensor for Solo Motorized $12.50






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