PlexiDor Electronic Questions

Can the PlexiDor Electronic be set up for more than one dog or cat?

Yes, the PlexiDor Electronic pet door can be programmed for up to ten pets.

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How do I program a key for the PlexiDor Electronic door?

The keys that arrive with the door are pre-programmed, but if you need more collar keys, programming them is easy.

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What is the PlexiDor?

The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door have been developed together with pet owners, to find solutions that satisfy the demands of both pets and people.

For example, most pet owners don’t want to replace flaps, so the PlexiDor doesn’t have flaps.

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Should I get a manual or an automatic pet door?

Most pet doors are manual, but if you want control of which animals can open the door, an automatic door is a better choice.

On a manual dog door or cat door, the pet pushes the door open when going through.

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My dog likes to swim. Will that damage the key for the PlexiDor Electronic?

The keys for the PlexiDor Electronic are water proof and will not be damaged by the dog going for a swim.

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What is the warranty on a PlexiDor?

The regular PlexiDor dog doors and cat door come with a 10 year warranty.

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Does the PlexiDor Electronic require 120 V power, or does it use batteries?

The Plexidor Electronic pet door is designed to plug into a standard US or Canadian household outlet110-120 V power.

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Will wireless systems or aluminum doors interfere with the PlexiDor Electronic?

The PlexiDor Electronic pet door has been designed to work on all metal doors, aluminum is not a problem. It should not be affected by a wireless modem, alarm system, electric fence, or anything similar.

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Will the PlexiDor Electronic keep my cats in while letting the dog out?

No pet door can guarantee that the cats don’t go outside with the dog.

The cat may not have a key to open the PlexiDor Electronic, but cats are fast and smart, and if they want to go outside, they’ll figure out that they can use the door with the dog.

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I've been looking at the PlexiDor Electronic. Will my dog have to push the door open?

No, the PlexiDor Electronic opens automaticallyfor pets with the right key.
There are electronic pet doors where the key only locks or unlocks the door, and the pet still has to push it open to go through.

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What types of animals can use the PlexiDor Electronic?

Any animal able to wear a collar with a collar key can use the door.

The PlexiDor Electronic opens when a collar key with the right RFID is close enough.

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Does the electronic PlexiDor come with a smartphone app?

The PlexiDor Electronic does not currently interact through an appit reads an RFID chip in the pet‘s collar key.

There are pet doors that can be operated through an app to for instance monitor how many times the door opens in a day.

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Will the PlexiDor Electronic allow my neighbor's pets to enter?

The PlexiDor Electronic will only open for pets with the right key. Even if your neighbor has an identical door, your door will only respond to the correct key codes.

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Will home invaders be able to enter my home through the electronic PlexiDor?

The PlexiDor Electronic is difficult to force open and not a likely point of entry for potential burglars.

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Will my Irish Wolfhound be able to use an electronic PlexiDor?

A small Irish Wolfhound may be able to use an electronic PlexiDor, but large individuals will not be able to get through the opening.

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Can there be too many collar keys programmed for the PlexiDor Electronic?

The PlexiDor Electronic can be programmed for up to ten collar keys.

Most households never reach the ten key limit, but if a pet loses a key and it needs to be replaced, it can happen.

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