PlexiDor questions

How much will it cost to have my pet door installed?

Installation prices will vary, depending on installation location and materials.

For instance, getting a PlexiDor installed in a house door usually ranges between $200-$350.

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Can a pet door save money on my power bill?

Yes, compared to opening a household door, an energy-efficient pet door can save money on heating and cooling.

Every time a humansize household door is opened to let a dog or cat in or out, the air inside the home blends with the air outside.

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Will a pet door impair the safety of my home?

It depends on what pet door you get. A high quality dog door or cat door will have safety features to ensure the security of your home.

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What is the PlexiDor Glass Series?

The PlexiDor Glass Series is a prefabricated one-piece glass door insert, designed to fit French doors and patio doors.

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Can the PlexiDor freeze shut?

Condensation can in extreme cases freeze the dog door shut, but it is possible to fix the problem.

The first thing to do is make sure there‘s sufficient insulation in the hole where the dog door or cat door is installed.

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I already have a pet door. Will the PlexiDor fit in the existing hole?

The mounting hole for your old pet door probably won’t be exactly the same as for the PlexiDor, but you can usually alter the existing hole to fit.

Give our customer service a call at 800-7499609 option 3.

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Is there a video for installing a PlexiDor through a wall?

Yes, an episode ofThis Old Housefeatured a PlexiDor wall installation

You can see the video on their website; the door installation starts right after 16 minutes into the video. They talk about why they’re putting the door where they’re putting it, how they decided how big the door would need to be, and show the installation.

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I heard PlexiDor was featured on an episode of This Old House. What product did they show?

Yes, “This Old Housefeatured a PlexiDor wall model, showing the installation from making the hole to the completed installation.

You can see the video on their website and read the article with step-bystep instructions.

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What is the PlexiDor?

The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door have been developed together with pet owners, to find solutions that satisfy the demands of both pets and people.

For example, most pet owners don’t want to replace flaps, so the PlexiDor doesn’t have flaps.

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Tell me more about the PlexiDor cat door!

The PlexiDor cat door is intended for cats up to 24 lbs and dogs up to 9 lbs. The weight limit for cats is so much higher because they’re built differently than dogs and move differently than dogs.

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Is the size the only difference between the medium and large PlexiDor?

The medium and large size PlexiDors are constructed the same way.

The medium door is suitable for dogs up to 40 pounds and the large for dogs up to 100 pounds.

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Is the extra large PlexiDor constructed differently than the smaller doors?

The extra large PlexiDor is constructed to withstand daily use by dogs up to 220 pounds, and the panels are different than on the smaller models.

Dogs larger than 220 pounds may still be able to use the doorit will depend on their build.

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What distinguishes the PlexiDor from other pet doors?

The PlexiDor is sturdy, energy efficient, secure, and doesnt require replacement flaps.

Some of the features that distinguish the PlexiDor from other cat doors and dog doors include:

Heavy Duty Hardened Aluminum Frames

The anodized aluminum frameinterior and exteriorwon’t rust, crack, bend, or warp.

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Should I get a manual or an automatic pet door?

Most pet doors are manual, but if you want control of which animals can open the door, an automatic door is a better choice.

On a manual dog door or cat door, the pet pushes the door open when going through.

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Will the PlexiDor keep flies and other bugs out of the house?

When the door is closed, the PlexiDor panels and weather seal are tight enough to keep bugs out of the house.

We have feedback from customers in areas with big problems with black flies, and the flies do not enter through the PlexiDor.

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What is the warranty on a PlexiDor?

The regular PlexiDor dog doors and cat door come with a 10 year warranty.

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What colors can I get on my PlexiDor?

The PlexiDor panels are always see-through, but the frame is available in white, bronze, or brushed aluminum. The PlexiDor awning is available in white or bronze.

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I have a very large cat. Will the PlexiDor cat door be big enough?

The PlexiDor cat door accommodates cats up to 24 pounds and is sufficient even for very large cats.

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What size PlexiDor do I need for my Labrador?

An average size Labrador will need a large PlexiDor dog door.

Labradors come in a variety of sizes and there‘s a difference between English labs and American labs.

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I have a very large dog. Do you have a door that will fit an Irish Wolfhound?

The PlexiDor Extra Large is constructed for dogs up to 220 pounds and will accommodate very large breeds such as Irish Wolfhounds, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands, and Great Danes.

Dog doors for pets this size face some unique challenges; a traditional flap door cant stand up to the power produced by a 220 pound dog hitting it at full speed.

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What size PlexiDor do I need for my Beagle?

An average size Beagle will need a medium PlexiDor.

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What size PlexiDor do I need for my Chihuahua?

An average size Chihuahua will need a small PlexiDor.

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How does the PlexiDor close?

The PlexiDor has heavy duty springs concealed in the frame that close the panels once the pet has gone through.

The springs allow the panels to open easily without blowing openit‘s important that the pet can go through without much effortand close quickly and securely.

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Are there accessories to the PlexiDor?

Yes, there is an awning available, and a sliding track system that makes it easier to attach the security plate.

The PlexiDor Awning prevents rain, sun, snow, and wind from entering through a pet door.

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I'm looking at the PlexiDor wall models. Will the aluminum the dogs walk on get cold and slippery? Or too hot?

In extreme weather conditions, the aluminum tunnel can be cold and slippery, but the problem can be solved.

The PlexiDor wall models come with an aluminum tunnel that covers the sides, top, and bottom of the hole through the wall.

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