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The PlexiDor pet doors are designed to be sturdy, safe, and energy efficient. The doors have aluminum frames that will not crack, rust, or warp, and the panels are made from a specially formulated material that doesn’t wear out like regular flaps.

Dog doors and cat doors that use flaps require continuous maintenance, but the PlexiDor pet doors will last for many years without repairs. The PlexiDor pet doors have a higher initial cost than many other pet doors, but are the cheapest and easiest to own in the long run. A fact emphasized by the ten-year warranty.

PlexiDor pet doors are available for installation through a household door or through a wall, and there is a glass kit available.

There are four sizes to work for cats and dogs from 9lbs to 220lbs: Small (SM), Medium (MD), Large (LG), and Extra Large (XL), and the panels open so easily that small and large pets can share the same door. Refer to the PlexiDor Size Chart to find the size perfect for your breed.

There is also an electronic version that works with a collar key.

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BiteGuard KennelPlex

The BiteGuard KennelPlex is the toughest dog door on the market. This is a commercial kennel door created to withstand energetic working dogs, and the only door that is guaranteed to be chew proof. The BiteGuard KennelPlex is available for installation through a door or a wall. If you’re looking for a pet door to stand up to intense use and harsh conditions, this is the right choice.

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