PlexiDor Dog Doors for Cold Climates.

Installers in Nova Scotia


We have installers in the following cities that can install a dog door or cat door for you.  Our professional installers will get the job done right.  They have experience installing pet doors in wood doors and metal doors. 

Our installer can install dog doors in all types of walls; stud, concrete block, and yes, they have even put dog doors in log walls.

Cities with Installers and Resellers of Plexidor Pet Doors in Nova Scotia:

Dartmouth, NS

Halifax, NS

New Glasgow, NS

Sydney, NS and

Yarmouth, NS

Please call us at 800-749-9609 and we will put you in contact with your professional pet door installer.

If you do not see your city listed, call 800-749-9609.
We will find you an installer in your city.

Call Today and buy a PlexiDor Performance Dog Door.  They are made for Canada’s winters.  Stop wasting loonies on replacement dog door flaps.