Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to have my pet door installed?

Installation prices will vary, depending on installation location and materials.

For instance, getting a PlexiDor installed in a house door usually ranges between $200-$350.

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Can the PlexiDor freeze shut?

Condensation can in extreme cases freeze the dog door shut, but it is possible to fix the problem.

The first thing to do is make sure there‘s sufficient insulation in the hole where the dog door or cat door is installed.

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I already have a pet door. Will the PlexiDor fit in the existing hole?

The mounting hole for your old pet door probably won’t be exactly the same as for the PlexiDor, but you can usually alter the existing hole to fit.

Give our customer service a call at 800-7499609 option 3.

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Are there chew proof dog doors?

There are dog doors guaranteed to be chew proof. These usually have a higher up-front cost, but if you know your dog is prone to chewing, it will save a lot of money in the long run.

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How do I teach my cat or dog to use the door?

Most pets take to their new cat door or dog door quicklythey want to get to the other sidebut others need some training. Many get it in a few seconds, others might need a week or two

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What is the PlexiDor?

The PlexiDor dog doors and cat door have been developed together with pet owners, to find solutions that satisfy the demands of both pets and people.

For example, most pet owners don’t want to replace flaps, so the PlexiDor doesn’t have flaps.

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Should I get a manual or an automatic pet door?

Most pet doors are manual, but if you want control of which animals can open the door, an automatic door is a better choice.

On a manual dog door or cat door, the pet pushes the door open when going through.

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I'm thinking about installing a pet door. Will it make my house drafty?

A dog door or a cat door can have a significant impact on your indoor climate, for better and for worse, so choose a high quality door appropriate for your area.

Many cheaper flap doors can allow wind, sun, and even snow to enter the house.

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What is the warranty on a PlexiDor?

The regular PlexiDor dog doors and cat door come with a 10 year warranty.

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What does Framing Depth mean?

Framing depth measures the distance from a pet door‘s inside frame to the outside frame.

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Can I install a pet door myself?

Installing a pet door is usually fairly easy, but it may depend on the type of door and where exactly you want it to be.

Some pet doors are extremely easy to install, for instance pet doors for sash windows.

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What's the most common dog door problem?

The most common dog door problem is flaps needing replacement, and this is more frequent on lower grade pet doors that use cheaper materials. Even if the dog doesn’t chew the flap, it is likely to crack, warp, discolor, and sometimes even shrink with time.

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The wind blows my dog door open. Is there a pet door that can withstand wind?

If you live in an area with strong winds or other severe weather conditions, we recommend investing in a PlexiDorthe door will not blow open, and it will keep other types of weather outside.

In high wind areas, even flap doors with strong magnets might come open.

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My pet door created a cold draft in the house. What should I do?

If your pet door has created a draft, it‘s because it doesnt close tight enough, or it isnt insulated well enough.

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I'm replacing flaps all the time. Can I make them last longer?

Depending on the placement of a pet door and what kind of pets use it, flap replacements can be a frequent nuisance for flap door owners. Besides the obvious solutioninvest in a door that doesn’t use flapsthere are some things that can make them last longer.

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Can cats get cancer?

Dogs, cats, and other animals can get cancer just like we humans. Around one third of cats in the USA over the age of ten will be diagnosed with some form of cancer.

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