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Electromagnetic Cat Flap


Stray pets can often be a big problem, but this highly proven design provides a reliable solution. Your cat wears a small magnet that doubles as an identification tag. A sensitive, fast-reacting circuit in the cat flap guarantees instant entry for selected cats of all size and temperament. An easy to use 4 way locking system enables complete control over your cats movements.

SKU: PM 254


This door provides pet access control.

Nicely designed frames with built-in exterior step to help pets enter. Nylon pile weather-seal. Operates on 9-volt battery (not incl.). No adjustment needed. Can be operated on house current with 6-volt transformer (available at Radio Shack). Magnetic key hangs from collar.

  • Self lining to 2 3/8” thick – ideal for all doors.
  • Battery powered. 1 x PP3/9V battery (not supplied) gives approximately 12 months operation.
  • Silent action will not frighten pets or disturb owner.
  • Transparent flap is preferred by most pets.
  • Draft and weatherproof brush sealed flap with magnetic closure.
  • Rainproof seal.
  • Easy to use 4 way lock.
  • Includes 2 x Cat Mate Cat Collar Magnets (PM 257).
  • 3 year guarantee.


254WH (Cats to 17 lbs.)

Opening: 5 3/4″W x 6″H

Cut hole:  6 1/2″W x 8 1/2″H


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