Ideal Deluxe GT door with coverIdeal Deluxe GT door with cover

Ideal Pet Doors


Aluminum Frames with flexible see-thru vinyl flap.



These pet doors are nicely designed. Their aluminum frames with flexible see-thru vinyl flaps let small pets use large sizes with ease. This feature is useful if you have both large and small pets. Flaps have Ultra seal self-sealing edges that cling to frames to keep out drafts.

One year warranty.

  • aluminum frame
  • adjusting 1/16″ to 2″  frame depth
  • includes hard plastic cover with locking lever for security
Size Measurements
Cat & Dog Guide
SM Opening 5″w x 7″h Cats to 15 lbs & Dogs to 7 lbs
  Cut Hole 6″w x 9 1/2″h  
  Overall 7 1/4″w x 10 3/4″h  
MD Opening 7″w x 11″h Dogs to 40 lbs
  Cut Hole 7 5/8″w x 13 1/2″h  
  Overall 9 1/4″w x 14 3/4″h  
XL Opening 10 1/2″w x 15″h Dogs to 100 lbs
  Cut Hole 11″w x 17 3/16″h  
  Overall 12 3/4″w x 18 5/8″h  
GT Opening 14 3/4″w x 19 1/2″h Dogs to 150 lbs
  Cut Hole 16″w x 21 5/8″h  
  Overall 17″w x 23″h  

Additional information

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Small, Medium, Extra Large, Giant


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