The wall liner needed for standard Pet mate cat doors.The wall liner needed for standard Pet mate cat doors.

Pet Mate Wall Liner


This wall liner is design to fit most standard Pet Mate cat doors.  add up to five units. Not for the electronic Pet Mate Elite units. Use PM 308.

SKU: PM 303 wall liner


The Pet mate wall liner is the perfect fit for standard door liner designed Cat Mate doors. Each liner can attach to multiple units. Liners are designed with predetermined cut lines, so cutting the liners is made easier.

Add as many needed of these 2″ sections to Cat Mate doors to enable easy wall installation. Five max to make ten inches.

Measures: 6 5/8 “(L)x 6 1/4 “(W) x 2” (D)

Can be installed with:

Cat Mate 234 & 235, 304 & 309

Depth of Wall # of Liners
2 – 4” x 1
4 – 6” x 2
6 – 8” x 3
8 – 10” x 4
10 – 12” x 5


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