How do I program a key for the PlexiDor Electronic door?

The keys that arrive with the door are pre-programmed, but if you need more collar keys, programming them is easy.

PlexiDor Electronic, white

Start by removing the motor cover on the door. This is done by squeezing from both sides and tipping it down and out.

Once the cover is removed, you will see the metal spring, motor, and a circuit board. There’s a diagram below to help you identify the parts.

Hold the key you want to program in front of the antenna loop area. Keep the collar key here until you see the blue On/Off light on the door flash.

The blue light blinking rapidly means the door has sensed a key that hasn’t been programmed.

Push and hold the Program Button on the circuit board for approximately 4 seconds, until the Program Light on the board flashes green. A quick beep will tell you the procedure succeeded and the key has been programmed.

Test that the procedure worked by holding the key in front of the door. If the panel doesn’t slide up, check that the blue On/Off light is on and blinking approximately every 1.5 seconds.

Give us a call at 800-749-9609 if you run into any problems, or if you need to order more keys.

Electronic door diagram

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