How do I teach my dog to look at the camera?

Some dogs seem to love the camera. They look at it and wait for the “click” before turning their heads. Others seem to squirm and just refuse to sit still for a photo. We have some tips for capturing the perfect moment in time!

Making noises can feel weird until you get used to it, but most pets will turn and look in the direction of an interesting sound. Try making weird noises with your mouth, or scratching your nails against the side of the camera.

Grey cat holding cameraHolding their favorite toy usually also works well. Most dogs can’t resist looking at it – and as a bonus, you get a cute and playful look. Of course, if you tempt your dog with a toy, you should give some playtime too.

Treats are a great way to make your dog do something – for instance, sit still and watch the treat. With a little practice, you’ll be able to snap several shots. Give the dog the treat, and if you need more photos, just do the same thing again!

If your pet doesn’t know how to “sit and stay” you may want to practice that first – many are so interested in the sound, toy, or treat that they just have to jump up and investigate.

If your camera or phone makes a sound when snapping a photo, it’s a good idea to give the pet praise every time you take their photo. Most dogs and even cats quickly associate the photography process with being a “good boy” or a “good kitty.”

Jack Russell going for a ride

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