I just found out I’m pregnant. Should I get rid of my cat?

There is no reason to get rid of a cat just because a baby is coming; this is a myth, and pregnant women all over the world have cats.

The myth that pregnant women shouldn’t have cats is based on a parasite known as toxoplasmosis. This parasite can in a worst case scenario be transmitted through a cat’s litter box – or through undercooked meat or poorly washed fruits and vegetables.

Many humans have already been exposed to toxoplasmosis at some point in time. Problems that arise usually stem from a woman being infected for the first time during a pregnancy. Thus, it’s a good idea to get tested.

Take precautions: let someone else scoop the litter box – or wear rubber gloves and make sure to wash hands afterwards. Eat meat that’s cooked to a safe temperature, and wash fruits and vegetables.

Pets in general are great for babies; studies show babies whose mothers had pets during pregnancy are less likely to develop eczema, and those who live with a pet during the first few months of life have a smaller risk of developing asthma.

Napping cat

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