I’m looking at the PlexiDor wall models. Will the aluminum the dogs walk on get cold and slippery? Or too hot?

In extreme weather conditions, the aluminum tunnel can be cold and slippery, but the problem can be solved.

The PlexiDor wall models come with an aluminum tunnel that covers the sides, top, and bottom of the hole through the wall. The advantage of using aluminum is its durability even in extreme weather conditions, and the fact that it won’t rust. Plastic tunnel pieces tend to crack, yellow, and break.

Exterior and interior views of a PlexiDor wall installation

Many dogs don’t care if the tunnel is cold – they walk on the cold ground outside – but it can be a problem. We haven’t had any complaints about the tunnel getting hot, but it can happen if it’s in the sun in a warm climate.

The easiest solution is putting a piece of carpet on the aluminum, or a piece of rubber matting.

You may also want to consider a PlexiDor awning to help keep sun and rain away from the door.

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