I’m thinking of getting a pet door, but I’m concerned about my dog digging up my yard.

Dogs like to dig, and understanding why they do it may help manage the instinct. Some dogs never dig, and others love to do it.

One reason to why dogs dig is an instinct to keep their things safe and protected. This might mean burying a bone or favorite toy in the ground, or hiding the remote control in the laundry basket. This behavior stems back to when dogs needed to keep their food safe.

Dogs also dig because they’re bored. Digging is something to do – and it might result in you coming to give attention. Exercise and mentally stimulating games can alleviate this type of digging.

On warm days, many dogs will dig a hole and lie in it. This is a way for them to cool down.

If your dog tends to dig up your lawn or your plants, you may want to consider dedicating a portion of the yard to your canine friend, where they can dig and do whatever they want.

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