Is antifreeze really dangerous to pets?

Antifreeze is very toxic to pets and leads to many deaths every year.

The problem for pet owners is, it’s not just the antifreeze in one’s own car – there can be puddles on the road and in parking lots. Never let your dog lap from a puddle on the ground, and avoid walking through it. Anything on a pet’s paws will be licked off and ingested later as they clean themselves.

Antifreeze for cars is based on ethylene glycol, which gives kidney damage and problems with the nervous system. Today, some manufacturers make “pet safe” antifreeze – this is less toxic than traditional products, but can still be dangerous.

If you have a spill, clean it immediately and rinse with lots of water. If you think your pet lapped up antifreeze – or stepped in it and cleaned themselves – call the veterinarian or the closest pet emergency clinic at once. Immediate treatment makes the difference between life and death.

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