Is it a lot more work to have two kittens than one?

Having two kittens can be less work than having one kitten – they entertain each other, and having someone to play with prevents other forms of mischief. Also, two kittens who form a bond will always have someone to cuddle with. They have support from each other.

Kittens learn and develop, and they need a lot of stimulation. They learn by copying, and if one kitten is quick to pick something up, they will learn from each other. They will groom each other after meals, and wear each other out with play.

A single kitten is likely to keep playing through the night, wanting to involve their human.  A single kitten who ends up alone with an older cat or dog will try to entice play, tease the older cat, and be perceived as generally annoying. Two kittens play with each other.

Kittens in a bag

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