My vet said my dog has a neurological issue, what does it mean?

Neurological issues usually means something disrupts the signals between the brain and the body. The three main areas affected in dogs are the brain, the spinal cord, and the nerves.

Aging furry friendSymptoms and treatment will vary depending on the type of disorder.

If the brain is affected, symptoms can include – but are not limited to – head tilt, seizures, tremors, and blindness.

If the problem is with the spinal cord, common symptoms are unsteady gait, paralysis of the legs, and loss of feeling in the legs.

In dogs, problems with the nerves often give symptoms like an inability to blink, problems using the tongue, and paralysis of the face.

Older dogs are often affected by “Old Dog Vestibular Disease” – it affects the balance center and make owners think their dog had a stroke. It’s really an issue with the nerves of the balance center in the ear, and the dog can recover.

Treatments will depend on the exact cause of the issue and where it is located. Your veterinarian may recommend things like steroid therapy, surgery, physical therapy, or medication.

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