How do I teach my cat or dog to use the door?

Golden going through PlexiDorMost pets take to their new cat door or dog door quickly – they want to get to the other side – but others need some training. Many get it in a few seconds, others might need a week or two. 

Start with propping the door open and call for your pet.

Put something they really want on the other side, like a yummy, stinky treat. For dogs, the smellier the better, and small pieces of cheese or meat usually does the trick.

Praise any progress.

Be patient and cheerful. Trying to force your pet through – or babying them – is a sure way to enforce any fear of the door.

Pets are individuals, just like humans. Some cats and dogs will love their new door at first sight, others need a little longer. Keep trying, and remember to give praise – it will help your pet think the door is the best thing ever.

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