There isn’t a house door where I want my pet to go out

A pet door can be installed through a house door, a wall, or even a window.

Many choose to install their pet door in a house door, because it’s a fairly simple installation and easy to restore – just replace the door. But, there are other options.

PlexiDor installed in a wall

Many pet doors are available as wall kits and can be put through pretty much any type of wall. This is a bigger installation where the level of difficulty depends on the material in the wall, and most choose to get help from a professional. The end result can look phenomenal.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a spot for a wall installation is not going too close to the windows – and watching out for things like electrical wiring, pipes, and AC duct work. It’s a good idea to choose a backup installation spot in case “Plan A” falls through.

It is also possible to install pet doors through glass, for instance a window or a sliding glass door. Doing this requires a new pane of glass – the pane you already have is tempered and can’t be cut. Take a look at for some examples of installations.

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