What types of animals can use the PlexiDor Electronic?

Any animal able to wear a collar with a collar key can use the door.

PDE KeyThe PlexiDor Electronic opens when a collar key with the right RFID is close enough. That means, any animal able to wear a collar to carry the key can open it.

There are thousands of codes and no risk of a neighbor’s pet triggering the door – only the right code will make the motor in the door pull the panel up. Once the pet has gone through, the door will close automatically.

There are two types of keys:

The standard key has a range of 12″ and is 1 7/8″ x 1 3/16″ big.

The long range key opens 17″ from the door. This key is recommended for pets with long noses that may have a problem getting close enough with the standard key – and for pets that enjoy running in and out of the house. The long range key is 2″ x 3″ big.

The collar keys are waterproof, rugged, and shock proof. They work with underground fencing and will not interfere with home security systems. And, they do not require batteries.

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