Will a pet door impair the safety of my home?

It depends on what pet door you get. A high quality dog door or cat door will have safety features to ensure the security of your home.

Many cheaper flap doors can be forced open or kicked in – but the dog on the other side of the door is usually enough to deter such attempts. Cat doors are too small for someone to come through.

PlexiDor lock and keyIf you’re concerned about safety, take a look at the PlexiDor. It is delivered with lock and key as well as a steel security plate that makes it virtually impossible for intruders to enter through the pet door.

The lock features a steel cam inside a hardened metal cylinder. It’s on the inside of the house, and an easy turn of the key locks or unlocks.

PlexiDor security plate installationEvery PlexiDor (except size small) is delivered with a steel security plate. It screws on from the inside and can be installed when leaving home for an extended period of time.

If the security plate is to be used every day, there is a convenient PlexiDor sliding track system. The tracks are attached to the interior frame, and the security plate slides down the track into place. The system comes with all hardware and mounts to the door in minutes.

There is also an electronic version of the PlexiDor that only opens for pets with the right key. The key is attached to the pet’s collar and works with RFID.

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