Will water enter the house through my pet door?

Whether water will come in through a pet door or not depends on the situation and the type of door.

Most pet door manufacturers have taken precautions to ensure regular rain won’t enter a house through the pet door. As long as the flaps or panels close quickly to a tight fit, it shouldn’t be a problem.

When weather is a concern, we always recommend choosing a high quality door. The PlexiDor for instance has a high quality weather seal around the panels and closes both quickly and tightly to ensure all sorts of weather stays outside.

Plexidor AwningIn areas with regular downpours, an awning might be a worthwhile investment. As a bonus, the awning also provides shade on hot days.

During extreme weather conditions such as floods and hurricanes, the pet door should be locked and secured. If the door has a security plate, screw it on.

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